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Luke Rodgers

Making films, preserving moments

About the Filmmaker 

Making films has long been a passion of 8mm Weddings Founder, Luke Rodgers. Since he was young, Luke always found a way to be in the outdoors, capturing adventures along the way to share with others. His drive for new experiences and a passion for honing his craft, has resulted in Luke developing amazing video production skills, with an eye for the unique. Telling stories in a way that excites and astonishes his viewers.

Why 8mm? 

8mm Film was the birth of home style films.  this nostalgic heritage film has played a huge role in my life. my roots, my personality, my family, and most importantly the embarrassing moments. To me nothing is greater than seeing your legacy being born and looking at yourself 20 years ago. Family heritage is something nobody can take away from you. I am one of only a few videographers that will incorporate your home videos into your wedding film.